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In the act of becoming, I already am.

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I love to write, mostly I’m an analog thinker but occasionally I share my thoughts here.

Sankalpa - Listening to Self

A sankalpa can take two forms. Firstly, it is an acceptance of Self or a reflection of your true nature. This type of resolve or sankalpa is more encompassing than a traditional New Year’s resolution and doesn’t require change - it requires acknowledgement. It is simply a statement of who you are:

“I am adventurous, I am compassionate, I am beautiful, I am whole.”

This isn’t something we think about, that our intellectual mind can ponder, it is a deep understanding from within and the willingness to know and love our true Selves. When we arrive at a few “I am…” statements, they inform our mind of a direction to take in life or are already taking as we journey forward.

The second, is a specific intention or goal - perhaps this is more the kind we are used to making in a traditional New Year’s resolution. We often forget that when we discover our purpose, not everything happens at once, our life’s goals require milestones.

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Grounding - Finding center when gravity shifts.

As a physical person: I live, process, & experience my world primarily through Body. When my Body doesn’t feel well, I have to be extra patient & loving with myself. I must remind myself that this visceral perception of weakness is transient: a message perhaps to slow the body down. Then I remember that Asana (posture / movement) is just one small part of yoga → I can ground & center by connecting to breath, reading, writing, and drawing.

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Hunt in the Moonlight

Tonight, when you are illuminated by the light of the full moon, I invite you to embody Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Instead of aiming your arrow outward, point in. Pull back the bow string and find the tension that rests inside. What is holding you back from being the most luminous you? As you loose the arrow, feel the vibration of the string, the precision of the bow, and the purity of your intention. Then soften. Remember: In the act of becoming, you already are.

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